About Viktoria Münzker Jewellery

Contemporary Jewellery artist Viktoria Münzker was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and lives now in Lower Austria. She studied Jewellery in 2001-2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava/Slovakia. Awarded with a Master’s degree specialized in jewellery and metal, she moved to Vienna/Austria and became an active member of Stoss Im Himmel Contemporary Jewellery Studio for next five years. In addition to her jewellery studies, she has acquired the art of gemstone cutting and faceting. Since her first exhibition in 2004, she attends regularly 5 to 12 international exhibitions each year. She was awarded with the first prize in Jewellery Art contests “Azur” in Vilnius/Lithuania in 2012, Gioielli In Fermento/Italy 2013, Arts and Crafts Design Award/Online 2016 and ArtMagazine prize at Art Jewellery Night Budapest/Hungary 2019.

You can find my jewellery portfolio also on the jewellery platform KLIMT02, at Precious Collective, Association for Contemporary Jewellery, Galerie V&V, Arte Y Joya, Athens Jewellery Week, Not Just A Label, and Galeria Cin Cin Bratislava.