The process of making contemporary art jewelery

Find a piece of wood that is unique in some kind, harmonic in shape or has “something special” visually or haptically. Imagine the possibilities, that it gives you, try to communicate with the piece of wood in colour schemes. Look for the soul of the piece, search the imaginative forms and grow additions. Concentrate on the delicate details, like in a painting or music. Create a mantle of materials like titanium, gold and micro glass-granules. Dots of colour applied on the wood form the unfinished process of creation called fermentation.

The process of faceting

Gemstone cutting is a constant discovery and challenge for me.
Figure out the subtle characteristics of each individual mineral in practice fascinates me.
Each of them must be treated individually.
The smooth polished surfaces, Facets, reflect and refract the entering light.
This light often splits up in multi-colors, and so inflames the “inner fire” of the stone.
To ignite this fire is the reward for my love to the stone.
This flame is the secret of my dreams. I use this cut dreams to create my contemporary jewellery.

The process of making custom art jewellery

Beside my free interpretation of Art jewellery, I create pieces, especially made as custom contemporary jewellery or jewellery object. I’m interested in work with clients who are looking for an original piece to wear for special occasions but also for everyday wear. I love to make brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets…. If you are looking for a piece for your home or another interior space, I’m also experienced in creating small objects that may be used as jewellery.